B1A4 Lyrics

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3rd Japanese Single – イゲ ムスン イリヤ 〜なんで?どうして?(What’s Going On? Why?)
4th Mini Album – 이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening)

3rd Mini Album – In The Wind
1st Japanese Album – “「1」”
2nd Japanese Single – おやすみ good night -Japanese ver.-
1st Japanese Single – Beautiful Target -Japanese ver.-
Repackage Album – I Ignition Special Edition
1st Full Album – I Ignition
2nd Mini Album – IT B1A4
1st Mini Album – Let’s Fly
Original Soundtrack

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  1. A Few Times
  2. Baby Good Night (Jaljayo Good Night)
  3. Baby Good Night (Oyasumi Good Night)
  4. Baby I’m Sorry
  5. Baby I’m Sorry (Japanese Version)
  6. Beautiful Lie
  7. Beautiful Target
  8. Beautiful Target (Japanese Version)
  9. Because Of You
  10. Be My Girl (Jinyoung SOLO feat.Jea BEG)
  11. Bling Girl
  12. Bling Girl (Japanese Version)
  13. Chuchuchu
  14. Chuchuchu (Japanese Version)
  15. Empty Mind
  16. Feeling
  17. Fly Away
  18. Fooool
  19. Good Love
  20. Hey Girl (The Thousandth Man OST)
  21. I Won’t Do Bad Things(Narr. Suzy MissA)
  22. If…
  23. In The Air
  24. In The Air (Japanese Version) NEW~!!
  25. Just Two of Us (Baro feat.Min MissA)
  26. My Love
  27. O.K
  28. O.K (Japanese Version)
  29. One Love
  30. Only Learnt Bad Things
  31. Only Learnt Bad Things (Japanese Version)
  32. Only One
  33. Only One (Japanese Version)
  34. Ready To Go
  35. Remember
  36. Secret Love (Sandeul SOLO)
  37. Sky (Take care of us, Captain! OST)
  38. Smile
  39. So Fine
  40. So Fine (Japanese Version)
  41. Song of Starlight / Starlight song
  42. Sunshine (We Got Married OST)
  43. Super Sonic
  44. This Time is Over
  45. Tipping Point
  46. Tried To Walk
  47. Wake Me Up
  48. What’s Going On / What’s Happening
  49. What’s Going On / What’s Happening (Japanese Version) NEW~!!
  50. What Do You Want To Do
  51. Wonderful Tonight
  52. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix.)
  53. Yesterday
  54. You Are My Girl

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