{Twitter} 130518 – Jinyoung: “I Love You BANA, Thank You♡♡”

130518 Jinyoung twitter 01
I dont know what to say out now, i think today is a gift that I will not forget. Just now in the live stage was crazy I didn’t say what I wanted to say but once again always thank you to all you who have been with us from all this time until now, that’s what I wanted to say.

130518 Jinyoung twitter 02
With today’s chance, I hope you will support B1A4 more, we will bring many entertainment to you guys, please anticipate in watching us..! And also let’s get through this together, our BANA in every moment we are thankful to you and you know we love you right??i love you bana thank you♡♡

caps: hhessti, cr: _jinyoung911118, engtrans: via bana_indo, shared: code911118


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