{TRACKLIST} 130430 – B1A4′s 4th Mini-Album “이게 무슨 일이야” (What’s Going On)

tracklis b1a4's 4th mini-album 02tracklis b1a4's 4th mini-album 01

별빛의노래 (Starlight Song)
Lyricist: Baro, 우리형과내동생 (My Elder Brother and My Younger Brother)
Composer: 우리형과내동생 (My Elder Brother and My Younger Brother)
First line: 빗소리에내가슴이아파또니가떠올라난니가생각나 In the sounds of the rain my heart hurts, you come to mind again, I think of you


이게무슨일이야 (What’s Going On)
Lyricist: Baro, Jinyoung
Composer: Jinyoung
First line: Everyday yeah yeah yeah yeah everyday


Good Love
Lyricist: Baro, Jinyoung, CNU
Composer: Jinyoung
First line: 오늘따라말이없네요무슨일인지말해줘요왜그래요 So quiet all day, tell me
what’s going on, what’s happening


Lyricist: Baro, Seo Yongbae, Lee Ki
Composer: Seo Yongbae, Lee Ki
First line: 언제나습관처럼투정부리고 언제나약속시간엔늦었었지 Always whining as though its a habit, always being unpunctual


full tracklist:
1) Starlight song
2) What’s Going on?
3) Yesterday
4) Good love
5) A few times

Source: komca; Translation Credits: skipfire; Picture by Gongchansik_net
shared by code911118 for JinyoungIndoFC
Please take out with full credits!


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