{News} 121206 Nam Hee Seok falls for B1A4, posting “Really handsome”

nam hee seok & b1a4

On December 2nd, Nam Hee Seok posted about B1A4 on his own Twitter. “There was one friend telling me that he’d made a group called B1A4. I just saw them on music program today. They’re really handsome. 1 member is B-type and 4 members are 4-type, right..”

After then, he posted more about B1A4 and even revealed a special interest. On December 5th, he posted “If I’m a new member of B1A4 as A5, I will be well known as the best lead singer..” and also posted “B1A4 is so handsome. I should be like them too.. Someone must have stepped on me* before I was born..”

Netizens commented about Nam Hee Seok’s craziness for B1A4 – “Nam Hee Seok also fall for B1A4’s charm”, “Nam Hee Seok. You started being a real uncle B1A4 fan?”, “Nam Hee Seok and B1A4. A weird association”, “Nam Hee Seok’s crazy for B1A4. Why it sounds so funny?”, along with many more.

Meanwhile, B1A4 is now promoting their 3rd mini album with the title song called ‘Tried Walking’.

*T/N: “Stepped on me” means he should have had born good looking like B1A4, but someone made him look ugly before he was born.

Article Credits: NEWSEN via daum + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM


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